Resident Artists

Here's something someone wrote about Jason Eppink in French that he then translated back into English with Babelfish:

In New York when it grows dark, obese plasmas make their law. Pixelator is artist and sees d' an good eye the beachcomber of its spots light which cumulates under the metro entrances. The light of the panels to make spit l' money can be useful has another thing. Jason Eppink 27 years alias Pixelator, are concept: With l' d' helps; a device BASIC its screens ugly, dazzling and with the light aggressive become interesting and pleasant with l' eye. Thanks to are c' installation; is a thousand of pixel aggressive are converted into forty-five pixel, much more abstract and interesting. Enjoy!


Ryan Good grew in stature, went to school occasionally, and consumed cheese in the state of Wisconsin from near birth until 2005. He then moved to New York to pursue a career in the theatre as a writer and actor. But some mornings he wakes up and just wants to make a project album of folk songs about the demise of his last relationship using aliens as the overarching metaphor. Other mornings he wakes up to NPR. Ryan requests that you don't ask him about William Shakespeare, Shostakovich, early British shock theatre, one of the two Neutral Milk Hotel albums, or the short-lived TV series Undeclared unless you are prepared to hear how ingenious they are.


Julie Lynn Heffernan grew up in Canada where she wanted to be a scientist. After getting a degree in biology thinking she would become a doctor, then a physiologist, then a conservation ecologist, she changed her mind and suddenly took on painting. After getting her degree in fine art, Julie moved to New York to explore her American side, teaching everyone that southern Ontario is not as cold as you think.


A transnational migratory bird with colorful feathers, Krupa Jhaveri is often overwhelmed by the beauty of this incarnation. Born in the US and of Indian ethnic origin, she travels between both places to bridge cultures and identities, resources and opportunities. With formal graduate Art Therapy training from the School of Visual Arts, and experience working with children and women with HIV/AIDS, Krupa hopes to pioneer a meaningful and sustainable base for Art Therapy in India.

With a BFA from Parsons School of Design, she has also contributed to the world of publishing (mainly for children) as a graphic designer for 6+ years, through clients including Madonna, David Kirk, Target and The New York Times.


Colin Longstaff - Actor. Waiter. Man. An improv comedian at heart, Colin has taken hold of his mid-twenties and is currently living the dream of being a struggling actor in NYC. Colin has performed at venues in NYC including The Bowery Poetry Club and Radio City Music Hall, alongside Rufus Wainwright. Outside of this grand city, he has been seen as Brodin, the violent mercenary with a heart of gold, in Red Noses by Peter Barnes, the murderous Doctor Thomas Parker in Batboy: The Musical, various improv shows with the groups One Way Trip and ExperiMental 6ix, and some featured extra work on Astonishing News!, a Japanese TV crime drama. He is currently taking classes at The Peoples Improv Theater, and is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade training school. Colin is, was, and will always be 60% water.
Born in Dallas, Texas, Andrea Waters began performing in gymnastics groups at the age of 9. This led to cheerleading, drill team, and colorguard. After earning a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting from Oklahoma State University, she decided she had put off her Broadway dreams for long enough. To pay off her debts and save enough to move to New York City, Andrea naturally became a truck driver (as in 18-wheelers). Last year she finally moved east after having been accepted for a dance internship at Broadway Dance Center, and has been dancing and performing since. Beyond dance, Andrea is dedicated to living a life of meaning and breadth, as well as developing her alter ego.


Shannon Arvizu is a longtime member of the urban collective scene, having taken part in vibrant communities in Berkeley, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and South Africa. She believes strongly in the potential of young people to remake conventional living arrangements in the spirit of collaboration and shared personal and social evolution. Having earned her doctoral degree in sociology from Columbia University, Shannon can now be found leading the clean tech revolution as Miss Electric.


Chris "cda" Avrich was born and raised in Brooklyn. He first discovered his love for music through his mom's oldies records - then Weird Al, early 90s club dance, and New York underground hip-hop quickly joined his collection. The old-school BBS scene introduced him to writing electronic music (Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker). Throughout college at MIT, he delved deeply into electronic music, hosting a weekly 2-hour show on MIT's FM station, where the only rule was not to hold the playlist to one particular genre. Now, 15 years after discovering tracking, he holds the medium alive with the software Renoise, writing free-associative electronic music that, like his taste, doesn't stick to just one genre. His pieces are heavy with sampled clips from other music, especially hip-hop, falling somewhere between mash-up and traditional electronic.

Alex Breznay was born in Paris, where she did six years of theater, including a workshop with Ariane Mnouchkine from the Theatre du Soleil and the stage director Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota. Subsequently she studied social sciences and spent a year at Wesleyan University studying African and Bharatanatyam dance, videography, and digital media. She has also worked on the New York Film Festival and has recently returned to New York to attend a one-year program at the International Center of Photography, which she considers a first step towards movies.

In her work, Alex leans towards improvisation, seeks instants of insouciance, and aims at conveying a colorful and playful outlook. She sees spontaneity as one of the healthiest exercises.


Melissa Caminneci is a budding poet who was fertilized in the soils of Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Iowa. She has a love-hate relationship with puns and mixed metaphors. She has studied poetry at Harvard University under Jorie Graham and at the Iowa Writer's Workshop with Jane Mead, and she is currently exploring New York's spoken word scene. Her degree at Harvard (June '09) was in Medieval History and Literature, and you might ask her about Celtic mythology, Old English poetry, Kabbalah, grail theory, the history of beer and ale…

Melissa is a fan of free travel, folklore, and the color burgundy. Someday she might take a free trip to Burgundy to study its folklore. Maybe. You might catch her reading something at one of NYC's many spoken word venues, but if you come to Wonderland, you will inevitably hear one of her famed shower performances.
Devon Dunsmoor grew up in a microscopic Iowa town, population 500. Music has always been the ultimate love of her life, aside from the occasional affairs she has with acting, painting and modeling. Devon has been singing professionally in front of large audiences since the tender age of 9, at hundreds of venues including the Hilton NYC and the Golden Nugget Las Vegas, and has opened for Nashville sensation Brian McComas. She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City, winning the hearts of one retro country music fan at a time with her guitar and original songs. If you see her on the streets, stop to say hello… she’ll most likely be wearing brown.

Australian costume designer/stylist and performance artist Melaine Knight makes pieces for music videos, runways, editorial shoots, and live shows. She makes custom rock 'n roll couture pieces and accessories under the label Prince Valium and designs visual art performances from concept throught to music and choreography for festivals, runways and art spaces. Melaine is currently designing her fashion and accessory label, This Heart Is On Fire!

Melaine's aim is to create experiences of aesthetic that activate people and inspire, bridging creative imagination and conscious living. Recent clients include Britney Spears (Circus tour) and Mika (Life in Cartoon Motion tour).